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Questions Kids Ask from Bawdy Story Telling

Can someone really have sex and get into a coma?

Probably not.  First I think we have to define sex.  Sex is usually when people decide to do something together with their genitals or other body parts, like the mouth or hands.  What they decide to do is up to them.  How they decide they will let their body parts come together is up [...]

What can cause an erection?

Erections can be caused by many things.   The main reason is extra blood is rushing to peoples genitals. If a person has a penis it gets stiff and sticks out.  If a person has a clitoris it gets stiff and might stick out a bit, but most of the clitoris  is inside the body. So [...]

Why does this Happen? Why does it get stiff and some people think it feels good?

Well by “it” I’m guessing this question is about erections.  So both boys and girls have parts of their genitals which can get stiff or harder.  In boys this part is called the penis and in girls it is called the clitoris. The reason these parts get stiff is because extra blood is rushing [...]

Does a woman go poo out of the vagina?


Nope, a woman lets out feces or poo from the anus.  A women has 3 openings in her genitals.  The one near the front of the body lets out pee, the stretchy one in the middle is the vagina which can let out period blood or babies and the one in the back [...]

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