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Families and Sex Education

Families are the most important sexuality educators.

The education programs Superstar Health Education provides in the classroom are important to many youth who have not had the benefit of clear sexuality education at home.  Most families do their best to impart the values of the family, their culture or religious practices to their youth.  We know that the message children get from the people closest to them are the most important in a young persons life.

Studies have consistently shown that family communication is one of the most important factors in safeguarding teenagers’ sexual health. We know that the more communication between parents and their kids, the more likely teens will postpone any sexual activity.  We also know that youth who get accurate information about their bodies and sexuality if and when they do become sexually active, make responsible choices to use protection against unplanned pregnancies and STI.

SHE is committed to helping parents feel comfortable communicating with their children about sex. SHE has parent education workshops to help discussing children’s health as well as prevent teen pregnancy and STI later in life. We want to help parents address issues of sexuality more openly, honestly, and accurately. We recognize it can be difficult to talk to your teen about sensitive issues, but we also know how important it is to your child’s future. Read more about how SHE helps parents talk to teens. (Make link to Tips on talking to TEENS)

We live in times of easy accesses to sexual imagery. Sex and sexuality is discussed on TV, at school, at the mall, and even from our political and religious leaders. Comprehensive, age-appropriate and medically accurate sex education in school is important but there is no substitute for great communication at home so youth understand the values of their family or guardians.