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Preparing Your Class

Dear Teacher,

Thank you for inviting Superstar Health Education into your classroom.  We are excited to offer you and your students comprehensive and medically accurate sexuality education.  Teachers often ask what their roles should be when we are guests in their classroom.

Prior to visiting your classroom,  SHE relies on schools to prepare by coordinating the following:
  • Booklets or materials will need to be copied for each student.  SHE will provide these materials at least two weeks before the presentation.  If copies can’t be done by the school, SHE can make copies and charge the school for the materials.
  • The school must inform parents that they will be having a health educator come and teach about human sexuality two weeks before the classes begin.  Many schools send out at letter at the beginning of the school year, which covers the requirements for notification.  It must be an informational letter informing parents not an opt-in permission slip.  There is a sample letter school may use available on this website.
  • Outlines of SHE programs must be available for parental review prior to the classes being taught.  Schools may print out hard copies of the curriculum outline from the SHE website or direct parents directly to the website to see the curriculum.
  • Teachers organize class times for one hour session with 15 minute break down and set up time
  • Classroom set-up, should including a white board or chalkboard, a computer with projector and speakers is optional for showing some short movies.  The computer needs to be connected to the internet or able to play a DVD. Short educational movies may be shown on the first and last day
  • All students should have a pencil
  • Prepare a small work area for the presenter to put materials
  • Have a blank piece of newsprint available so we can create ground rules for the class
  • Informing the students that there will be classes on sexual health and to take it seriously.
During and after our presentation, we hope you will:
  • Provide support by listening to the lesson and discussion
  • Let the educator from SHE manage classroom dynamics as she sees fit.  Only jump in if asked.
  • Provide constructive feedback after our presentation
  • Support and follow-up with students
  • contact us with questions or for resources

We welcome any suggestions you have that may enhance the efficacy of our presentation.  We look forward to working with you and meeting your students.  Thank you again for inviting us into your classroom.


Jen Devine