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STI Hotlines

Sexually Transmitted Infection Hotlines

San Francisco and Alameda Counties AIDS/HIV Nightline
Call if you are HIV positive, considering testing, or have questions about AIDS. (415) 434-AIDS or

National STD Hotline
Provides information, resources, and referrals on STDs, including HIV/AIDS. Open 5am-8pm. 1-800-227-8922

SF AIDS Foundation AIDS Hotline
Answers questions about HIV/AIDS and provides referrals for counseling, test sites, support groups, and case management. Open during the day and early evening. 1-800-367-AIDS

San Francisco Sex Information
A free information and referral switchboard. Open Monday-Friday 3-9pm. (415) 989-SFSI

San Mateo County San Mateo County AIDS Project
Provides testing and information on HIV/AIDS. (650) 573-AIDS