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Students Comments To Our Educators

“Ms. Devine make puberty education fun and interesting, I wish she would come back next week and teach us more.”  5th Grader at Kipp Academy, San Francisco

“I thought I knew a lot about sex, but now I know I have a lot more to learn to keep myself healthy” High School Student-Sophmore at George Washington High School, San Francisco

“I’m going to miss you.”

“I thought Puberty Class was going to be gross, but it wasn’t it was really interesting!”

“Today I had fun with the Puberty Lady.”

“Gracias por venir al clase.”

“Thanks for helping me learn to deal with and express my anger in ways that don’t hurt me or other people.”

“I talked to my parents about this program and told them that I’m sorry if I act out on them and hurt their feelings.”

Teachers Love S.H.E.

“Thank you again for the classes. Not only did the youth get a lot out of them, but they also enjoyed the experience of the lesson. You really kept their attention, and that is not always easy.”

“Thank you for an informative and useful seminar. Your comfort and ease with the subject matter made class safe and educational for all of our students and staff.”

“Good handling of student squeamishness. Excellent game dramatizing the risks of transmission.”

“Jen presents herself to the children with a solid, confident grasp of the curriculum. Her goals are set and shared with the students and are met in an orderly fashion. Her classroom control is also very strong.”

“The puberty lessons were very appropriate for this age group.”

“Students were actively engaged by the presentations which addressed situations with which they are all too familiar. They looked forward to having Ms. Devine teach their class. These students are NOT easily won over, but they seemed to have instant rapport with her”